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2019_03_14_Meeting1.mp4 (511.93 mb)
2019_02_14_Meeting-1.mp4 (583.28 mb)
2019_01_10-Meeting.mp4 (639.01 mb)
2018_12_11-Meeting.mp4 (629.81 mb)
2018_07_12-Meeting.mp4 (561.58 mb)
2018_06_14-Meeting.mp4 (513.91 mb)
2018_05_10-Meeting.mp4 (590.01 mb)
2017_10_12-Meeting.mp4 (723.37 mb)
2016_04_14-Meeting Part 2.mp4 (447.04 mb)
2016_04_14-Meeting Part 1.mp4 (447.04 mb)
2016_03_10-Meeting Part 2.mp4 (232.73 mb)
2016_03_10-Meeting Part 1.mp4 (359.50 mb)
2016_02_11-Meeting Part 2.mp4 (372.29 mb)
2016_02_11-Meeting Part 1.mp4 (397.55 mb)
2016_01_14-Meeting.mp4 (473.13 mb)
2015_12_10-Meeting.mp4 (709.98 mb)
2015_05_14-Meeting.mp4 (585.87 mb)
2015-07-09-meeting.mp4 (358.76 mb)
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