Did you ever want to work on a page on your StoryBoard site without having it available for viewing by the Internet world? Since the StoryBoard application normally instantly puts your web page on the server ready to be viewed by all, this can be inconvenient at times. Sometimes a page in progress or edit is not ready for "live" viewing until you are completely satisfied with its content.

You can completely stop any page from being viewed in the "Live" mode as follows:

1) In the Preview mode click on the Advanced button.
2) In the Preview mode click on the page you want to work on.
3) Select the far right "Body Section" link so that you are taken to the WYSIWYG editing view of that page.
4) In the 'Advanced' mode more editing and configuration options are shown. Up at the top is an entry called "Expiration and Automatic Live View removal...". The default setting will show 'Never Expire'. Simply select from the drop down menu, a date entry that is EARLIER than today's date. For example, select the year 2000.
5) Now, that page will not be viewable in "live view" but will be perfectly viewable in the Preview mode and you can work on it as you wish.
6) When done working on the selected page, simply return the Expiration setting to "Never Expire" or any date later than today's date.  When the date selected rolls around the page will disappear automatically from the "Live View" -- handy for those upcoming events/notices that you want to automatically not show after a certain date.

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