Edit an Existing Windows XP Dial Up Networking Connection 
To edit a connection

Right-click the connection, then select Properties.


You can get a list of your connections from START -> Connect To -> List all Connections.

The Properties for the connection are displayed.

Note: Use dialing rules may alter the actual number dialed from the phone number displayed.

There are 5 tabs - General, Options, Security, Networking and Advanced.


Clicking the Configure... button on the General Tab brings this screen.

For 56k modems, the Maximum Speed should be set to 57600 or higher (although some computers may not support rates above 115200).

Hardware flow control should be selected.
Modem error control should be selected.

Modem compression: in most cases you'll want to select this as well.


The Options tab

Allows you to specify call progress, dialing and re-dialing options.

Note, in XP, the confusing 'Log on to Network' has been replaced with Include Windows logon domain. For NFN users, this box should not be checked.

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