Query: I installed  Norton Anti-Virus and now have problems  with my email:

With Norton Anti-Virus 2000 the POP 3 server needs to be or it won't check e-mail.   If NAV 2000 is not being used or if e-mail scanning is not desired then it should be changed to mail.naples.net

Norton AV 2000 changes your mail server to and your account name to username/mail.naples.net if you  enable  email protection.  I have found that occasionally I have had to turn off the email protection,  get my mail normally  and then re-enable  the protection.  I'm not sure what causes the glitch  but I think it has to do with certain  AV signature  upgrades that Norton has distributed.  Mine has worked fine for over a week but before that I had several problems  which I corrected  as above.


While some of you may be experienced in the following problem and solution I'm relating it for those of us who are still learning:

Problem:  User "pjtider" could not receive her mail - She could get connected with our server but could not receive her mail.  She had not changed any of her computer settings. She had installed Norton Anti-virus about the time she started having problems about that time. - She disabled the antivirus program but she still could not get her mail.
Solution:  Going to Outlook Express/Tools/Accounts/Mail/Properties/Servers- she found her Incoming mail (POP3) designation had been changed from "mail.naples.net" to some other designation and her account name had been changed also.  Changing these settings back to "mail.naples.net" and "pjtider" solved her problem and she could receive her incoming mail.
She is going to check with Symantec (NAV) to make sure the anti-virus program will still intercept any virus in her incoming mail with the changed settings.
PERSONAL NOTE: Having recently installed Norton Anti Virus on my own computer I checked my Outlook Express settings and found :
My Incoming Mail (POP3) designation had been changed from "mail.naples.net" to "pop3norton.antivirus" and my Account Name had been changed from "bmayer" to "bmayer/mail.naples.net"
My incoming mail works fine with the changed settings.
Hope this will be helpful to others.

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