Query: How do we diagnose and solve Modem problems?

 Perhaps the following will be of help!  Also, If the problem is Intermittent, My advice is, don't worry about it, just re-connect.

Here is what you have to take into account when dealing with Modem and/or connection problems.  In particular, please note numbers  9, 10, 15, 19 and 20.

1.Old phone lines.

2.Line amplifiers hooked up by the phone company to raise the volume on the phones in your house

3.Phone wiring on the same line the modem uses which gets wet or rained on (ie; a line running outside to the second floor)

4.Magnetic fields caused by such things as fluorescent lights, clock radios, cb's, stereo speakers, electrical cords, and cable tv wiring?, being in close proximity (very probable) to your modem or phone line

5.Running your modem's power or phone line connection through a surge protector

6.Loose wiring connections in the house

7.Other phones plugged into the modem line which use voltage from the line to power things like memory and neon lighting

8.Old or damaged phones

9.Incorrect modem initialization strings or windows modem settings

10.A noisy phone line

11.An ISP who doesn't support the speed you want to connect at

12.Network congestion at your ISP

13.A fragmented hard drive

14.A computer which doesn't have enough system resources available (not likely but probable)

15.A modem that isn't configured the right way

16.Too many browser windows open (not likely but probable)

17.Frayed phone cords

18.How the call to your ISP is routed

19.The distance between you and your ISP

20.Call waiting

21.Too many phone extensions hooked up to one line

22.A cordless phone, answering machine, fax machine or other modem used on the same line

23.Low quality phone wiring

24.Incorrect wiring in your house

25.Internet congestion or a slow web server you are trying to download from

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