The NFN shall have two types of account - Standard and Premium.

The Standard account shall be issued to anyone who upon application or renewal, receives a free account or donates less than $60. The term of the account shall be for 6 months. The User Name for this account shall be a 5-digit number in sequence assigned by NFN and preceded by "nfn".

The Premium account shall be issued to anyone who, upon application or renewal, who donates $60 or more. The term of the account shall be for 12 months, The User Name for this account shall be letters/or numbers not exceeding ten chosen by the applicant if the name has not already been assigned to another member. Note: A person already assigned a Standard User Name (nfnxxxxx) may upgrade to a Premium account and retain the same user name if he/she so desires.

A Standard account shall be allowed 10mb of e-mail web space and a Premium account 20mb of email space.  Mail left on the server that exceeds this amount may be removed by NFN Administration.

Both the Standard and Premium accounts shall be allowed 2 hours of continuous connection time and a total of 4 hours of connection time a day.  NFN administration may delete any accounts that have been expired for more than 90 days.  On line renewal of accounts prior to the expiration date is available at:

Advanced services are provided for Premium Accounts only. As of March 2003 they are: 

-Spam Filter
-Photo Album
-User Friendly E-mail forwarding
-A 20% Discount on services, merchandise and courses
-Storyboard applicationat no charge. Implementation will be at a later date.  (Sept 9, 2002)

The blue pamphlet entitled, "Timely Tips and Tricks" should be given free to all users.

The NFN Board supports in principal giving preference in the number of telephone lines to the Premium Accounts.

These Account Structures were established at the NFN Board Meeting of March 11, 2002.  They were subsequently implemented on January 1, 2003.

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