1. General

A.  PURPOSE:  The Naples Free‑Net (NFN) is a not‑for‑profit organization providing free, public access, through an on‑line community computer system acting as a gateway for information, education and communication.  It provides access to information about health, education, government services, community events and other topics of local interest.  It also permits access to a number of information sources outside the community through the Internet and the World Wide Web. NFN allows its users  to use a wide range of electronic services and resources. 

B.  GOALS:  NFN is a new organization and the development of its technology, its user base and its ability to provide optimum information and services may be expected to increase rapidly as more users and information providers take advantage of its existence.

Its optimum and ultimate vision is to see an electronically connected community. This community will enable its diverse population regardless of gender, geography, or economics the greatest possible electronic access to information available globally or to make it easier to obtain information presently available through non‑electronic sources.

NFN’s mission is the creation of a community electronic bulletin board with concomitant e‑mail capability for two‑way communications for all users.  Ultimately, access to the communications and information of the Internet and the World Wide Web will give NFN users broad national and international accesses which would otherwise not be available without charge.                   (November 01, 1995)

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