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Taking Help Line Calls

How Much Help is Enough?

One of our primary missions is to help people get started using the Internet. First and foremost we want to make sure they are connected and know what to do to surf or get email once they are connected. Some people will want more help than that. While we do not want to extend our services beyond the connection issue, sometimes a brief bit of advice can save someone a lot of frustration. Hear them out, then make a judgment call. The best guide is your own judgment. If the problem is within your area of expertise and you want to help, feel free to do so, but indicate to the person this is your decision. If you feel their request is beyond the scope of NFNs basic service, explain that to them and offer suggestions about how to find help.

When a user is having unusual difficulty, you may want to recommend they hire a computer consultant to help them. Another possibility is that they take a class covering the material causing the difficulty.

• Carefully read their instruction manual or setup instructions.

• Contact the company that wrote the software. Often setup and other assistance is free for a period immediately after the purchase.

• Go to the company’s web site and search their help topics for the problem.

• Write down a complete description of the problem and take it to a local user’s group meeting:

PCBUG meets

MacUsers Meets

• Sign up for a class that teaches the basic set up and operations of the program they are using.

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