AOL Problems

Re: Difficulties experienced with NFN Setup when user also has AOL installed.

Why the problems exist

AOL has written their default setup routine to assume that the person installing it will only want to use AOL and no other provider. If a user simply chooses the default install, AOL makes itself the default choice everyplace in the windows operating system. By doing this, it also makes it a difficult process to uninstall or to change ISPs.

If AOL has NOT been installed

The user needs to be alert during the installation and to NOT PICK AOL as the DEFAULT BROWSER.

They half warn you with this choice:


Say NO and everything will be OK! In the words of Nancy Reagan "Just say no."

AFTER AOL has been installed

Here are the instructions that AOL gives its users when they, "are having trouble installing another ISP."

You need to restore the settings in your browser which are modified when you install the AOL5.0 or 6.0 software. When you install AOL 5.0 and 6.0, it will ask you "WOULD YOU LIKE THIS COPY OF AOL SOFTWARE TO BE YOUR DEFAULT INTERNET APPLICATION FOR WEBPAGES, NEWSGROUPS, AND E-MAIL"

If you choose "YES" then AOL make changes to the Internet Options Control Panel, this includes launching AOL when the computer is started, and or launching when the computer detects a connection to the internet. Many times you would like to change this back.

To remove AOL as your Default Browser:

1. Click on START.
2. Click on SETTINGS.
3. Click on CONTROL PANEL.

You will see a total of 6 different tabs at the top of the screen, click on the CONNECTIONS tab, you will see a small window under "Dial-up settings" inside of this window you will see a "AMERICA ONLINE (DEFAULT)" adaptor. Simply click once on this to highlight it, and press the REMOVE button just to the right of this small window. A small screen will popup asking "Are you sure you want to delete this dial-up networking connection", click on OK.

There will be another tab at the top of this window labeled PROGRAMS, click once on the tab to bring that screen to the front. At the bottom of this screen below the "Reset Web Settings" button you will see "INTERNET EXPLORER SHOULD CHECK TO SEE WHETHER IS IT THE DEFAULT BROWSER" with a little box to the left of it. If that box is not checked, please check it now.

Click on APPLY and then click on OK at the bottom of this screen, this should close the window down.

1. Click on START.
2. Click on PROGRAMS.
3. Click on INTERNET EXPLORER(or on the big blue "e" on the desktop)

Before the browser launches you will be prompted with a popup screen that says "INTERNET EXPLORER IS NOT CURRENTLY YOUR DEFAULT BROWSER. WOULD YOU LIKE TO MAKE IT YOUR DEFAULT BROWSER?". Click on YES. The browser will launch, and then time out, this is normal, you can close the browser window and start America Online. This should have reset the Default Browser back to the MSIE.

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