We occasionally receive requests for refunds from our users. This usually happens when they have not been able to get our software running on their system or when they discover our service is not what they were expecting.

Before issuing a refund, ask the user about their problems and see if additional coaching will help them get NFN running on their system.

If they are absolutely convinced they need a refund, have them complete our "Request for Refund" form.  Mail the form to them if they request it.  Upon receipt of a completed "Request for Refund" form, proceed as follows:

How to Prepare the REQUEST FOR REFUND Document

  • Have the User complete the "Hard Copy" Request for Refund located in the forms drawers of WS1 and WS2.
  • Open the TEMPLATE for the Request for Refund located on the Desktop of Work Station 1. It is a Microsoft Word document called REFUND REQUEST.
  • Complete the information. The document is set up to stop at each field. Use your tab key to get to the next field. The TYPE of PAYMENT field is a drop down box, select the type of payment. Payment is the way they paid initially.
  • Save in the following folder. mydocuments/helpdesk/refundrequest using the USER ID for the file name.
  • Put the Hard Copy that the USER completed in the PresidentÂ’s mailbox located behind Work Station 1.

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