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This guide collects answers developed by helpteam members to many NFN user questions.

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MS Script Host (WSH)

The Microsoft Windows Script Host (WSH) is a tool that will allow you to run Visual Basic Scripting Edition and JScript natively within the base Operating System, either on Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0. Disabling this feature in windows will prevent a malicious script from damaging your system; however, by doing so you will also disable scripts that you might normally want to run.

To disable WSH:

Open Control Panel, click on Add/Remove Programs

Select the Windows Setup tab

click on Accessories

Click opn Details

Uncheck the Windows Scripting Host checkbox

Click OK

Click OK ==============================================================< /FONT >

Scripting in Outlook Express is enabled by default and executes when you open a message or preview it in the Preview Pane. This article describes how to use the Security Zones feature to disable the use of VBScript and JScript in Outlook Express HTML-format e-mail messages and newsgroup posts. To disable scripting in Outlook Express


Programmers can store Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) code in a Microsoft Outlook item and configure the code to automatically run when you open the item. The following article describes how to open an Outlook item without running any VBScript code.



When opening an HTML formatted e-mail message, embedded scripts may start without warning. Change the Security Zone Settings to not Allow Active Scripting To configure Outlook to use the Restricted Security Zone and disable Active Scripting, follow these steps:

On the Tools menu, click Options.

On the Security tab, click Restricted sites in the Zone list,

and then click Zone Settings.

Click OK to the following warning message:

You are about to change security settings that will affect the

way scripts and active content can run in Microsoft Internet

Explorer, Outlook, Outlook Express, and any other programs that

use security zones.

Click to select the Restricted sites icon, and then click Custom


Under Scripting/Active Scripting, click Disable.

Click OK, Yes, OK, and OK to close the open windows and apply

the setting.



Further Reading:

Windows scripting Technologies

Description of Windows Script Host (WSH)


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