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This guide collects answers developed by helpteam members to many NFN user questions.

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Query: How do Mac users set up NFN?

Here is a set of instructions for MAC setup from our MAC Guru, Duke.

Macintosh Dialer Set-Up

There are four popular Macintosh Dialers—ConfigPPP; FreePPP, PPP and Remote Access. With slight differences they all work the same. We have tried to address those differences in the following instructions.

If a Free Net account holder has difficulty, Macintosh offers an excellent "Help" feature which shows panels and required entries. Getting to it is a simple as locating Help on the Menu Bar and typing PPP in the "Search area."

From the Apple menu, select Control Panels, then Remote Access (Figure below).
In machines running Macintosh OS 8.1 and earlier using Open Transport, select PPP instead.


Obtaining a dial up Internet access account from Free Net involves some data entry; however, on the Macintosh, users have an aid called Internet Setup Assistant which leads them through the set up process. To properly configure a Macintosh to access the Internet, our subscribers need several detailed items of information. This form should be used to copy down the necessary information. THE ITEMS IN "( )" ARE FOR INFORMATION! An asterisk "*" indicates information that will change for each subscriber, other entries are standard.

1. DIAL-UP ACCESS TELEPHONE NUMBER: 417-1474 Naples,  657-3201 Immokalee.


(This is the name which must be entered to login to the Free Net PPP account. Typically limited to eight characters and will be in lower case.)


(This is the password you enter to login to your Free Net PPP account. Typically limited to eight characters; case sensitive—watch out for the letter "O" and zero "0".)



(The subscriber enters an nfn or vanity ID. Typically upper/lower case is observed.)


(This is the password required to access each Free Net account and is commonly referred to as a password.)

7. YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS: * (This is the address to give your friends. E.g., would send an e-mail to the Free Net Help Team. Case DOES not count on electronic mail.)


(This is the name of a machine that holds your INCOMING mail, i.e.,


(This is the name of a machine at Free Net that forwards your OUTGOING mail, i.e., If you fill in a return address you will be prohibited from sending E-mail from the Free Net if you have accessed it from their other service—when used, the name of that server will need to be entered here, e.g., CyberStreet users would list, Gulf Access subscribers would list, Internet Connection USA subscribers would list, Naples Daily News subscribers would list, Peganet subscribers would list and Universal subscribers would list


(This is the default setting for MacTCP 2.0.6 ONLY.)

11. SERVER ADDRESS:  (This isdatabase servers at Free Net which perform domain name server look up functions. Each subscribers computer, and related software i.e., Netscape, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc., queries this server to convert domain names such as to its’ numeric IP address which is:

12. SEARCH DOMAINS: and (These are necessary and placed adjacent to the server address in TCP/IP panel.)


(The Subnet mask is normally defaulted to "A;" to get "C" hold down and select.. This item is only required when using ConfigPPP. The radio button must be set on "Server.")


(Subscribers must select the proper modem which may be done with PPP/Remote Access open by selecting PPP/Remote Access on the Menu bar then Modem and making a proper selection. Subscribers using ConfigPPP and FreePPP will need to enter a Flow Control stream, e.g., AT&F1 works for most modems; others modems will reset using AT&F or ATZ, and GlobalVillage Gold II wants AT&F1&K3.)


Prepared by Dennis P. Vasey
Update by Ron Bender 4/2/2004

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