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This guide collects answers developed by helpteam members to many NFN user questions.

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 Query: Concerning the member who had "call waiting" and wanted to be interrupted when he was on-line and a call came in.

 Jack wisely advised we not get involved in changing settings in the modem to accommodate "Call Waiting" but to refer members to Sprint and let them provide the answers.

 Thanks to all who contributed besides Jack…Hank, Chuck Lewis, Mary Ann Wallace and especially to Mary P who led me to solution not only for this member but for anyone who has only one line and doesn’t want to miss any calls…….

 Mary P referred me to  and this is neat site. I’ve tried it and it works.

He should go to and download the instructions and download the instructions

He should call the customer service number for his local phone company which is in the front of his phone book or dial O and ask the operator for the number. Then he should

1. tell them his phone number

2.I want "call Forward on Busy" for this line

3. Forward all of my busy calls to 1-800-380-4341 (CallWave)

4. Please include the 1 before the 800 number

5. I want FIXED call forwarding, not variable

6. Please ACTIVATE this now, or tell me how to activate it

It would be best for him to go to the site and download the instructions I don't know if he has Windows 95 or 98 but instructions are for both on the site.

There is a $5.00 a month fee for this service from your phone company.  But much better than paying for another line.

Mary P

 You can download Call Wave free from this site in about 30-40 secs. Following their instructions the software installs a panel on your computer. The software answers your telephone when someone calls and your line is busy on-line, tells the calling party you are not available and asks them to leave a message. The call is recorded, forwarded immediately back to your computer, and stored for your retrieval from the desktop panel with length in seconds. date, and time of the call.

The neat thing is that you hear the ring over your speakers when the call comes in and you hear the person leave the message and you can take the call by going off line if you so desire.

If there is a hitch it’s that you must have "Call Forwarding" activated by Sprint on your line. A call to Sprint revealed they charge $1.00 a month for this service. Pretty reasonable if you ask me. I’ll bet Call Waiting costs more than that.

It seems to me this is an ideal solution for those who have only one phone line and would like to surf the net and not worry about missing calls and Help Line doesn’t need to get involved except to refer members to Call Wave.

Bill Mayer

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