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 7.6 Council of Chairs

7.6.1 Name: Called the NFN Council of Chairs to be known as the Council.

7.6.2 Membership: Comprised of all Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs of the Naples Free-Net with the President and Executive Director as ex-officio members.

7.6.3 Statement of Purpose: The Council facilitates and fosters communication, relationships and teamwork between committees so that they work to their greatest potential, for example, by offering an organized forum for expression and opinion on NFN matters, further, by providing for time and direction for Committee interaction and team building. The Council can be delegated tasks by the Board; it can problem solve and provide feedback to the organization from the community. It is useful to the organization to have such a Council which can do preparatory work prior to the Board making a decision. The Council serves to give advice and counsel to the governing board.

7.6.4 Governance: The Council is a Committee of the Board and, as such, its purpose is renewed annually. It shall have one person appointed from the Board who is also a member of the Council to facilitate the meetings. This Council member will poll the Chairs for the most convenient date, place, and time for meeting; set the agenda; and find a recording agent. The Council does not govern, nor set policy for the NFN. The NFN Board does not give away its legal liability with the formation of such a Council. It is always the Board’s role to determine the “forever agenda” i.e., what good are we here for, the ends for which people expect us to serve, and at what cost.

7.6.5 Meetings: The Council need meet as often as the Chairs deem necessary but to be effective, should expect to meet at least three times a year. All meetings will be minuted. There is no quorum.

7.6.6 Reporting: Minutes will be sent to the Board for the next NFN Board meeting. A report may be made to the Board by a member of the Council who is either a Board member or the Council’s liaison to the Board. This Council representative may also bring to the Board items for action on the recommendation of the Council.

7.6.7 Member Responsibilities: 1.) Attend a minimum of 2 meetings per year. 2.) Actively participate in the functioning of the Council by being knowledgeable and current on their area of committee responsibility within the organization. 3.) Willing to share information about the activities of their Committee with members of the Council.

7.6.8 Fulfilling the Purpose: The Council will have fulfilled its purpose when it meets the minimum number of times per year, the majority of Chairs are in attendance, and those meetings are minuted to the Board.

(Council of Chairs Approved by NFN Board on Aug. 10, 1998)

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