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The following constitute the operating policies of the Naples Free-Net,
a non-profit corporation formed according to law in the State Florida.

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 4.   User Policies

A.  USER CLASSES:  There are two classes of users:  guest users and registered users.  The term “user” will generally refer to a registered user. 

Registered User:To become a registered user you must have truthfully completed the registration process. The registration process may be completed at the NFN Office and includes the collection of the correct name, address, phone number and the user’s choice of a password.  All users of the Free‑Net are expected to read and adhere to the policies which are posted on the Free‑Net. Registered users will have NFN electronic mail  privileges, Usenet News group privileges, SLIP/PPP and disk space provided for them. One may be considered a registered user when both their  logon ID and their selected password are activated. 

Guest users are permitted to browse the network in text mode but must become registered users before they can have e‑mail privileges.

Custom ID: For more information on how to obtain a Custom ID refer to the NFN Information Link located on the NFN Home Page.

B.  TIME LIMITS: All users are asked to restrict their use of NFN to four hours per logon.

C.  INACTIVITY: A logon ID not used for three months may be considered to have expired and it’s former user’s disk space can be deleted and reallocated.  Re‑registration is permitted using the same procedures as for first‑time registrants.

D.  PRIVACY: E‑Mail is normally private.  The System Administrator, however, has the right, upon written complaint,  to monitor e‑mail and expunge inappropriate, offensive or illegal E‑mail from the system.

E.  ABUSE: The Free‑Net is a free service to be used and not to be abused.  The System Administrator will immediately revoke login privileges of abusers. Complete documentation will be maintained.

F.  DISK SPACE:  NFN has the right to limit disk space for registered users.

G. ACCESS: All information services and features contained on the Naples Free‑Net are intended for the private use of its holders and any unauthorized use of those materials is expressly forbidden.

H.  CONSTRAINTS:  The successful  operation of NFN requires establishment of policies to: (a) Insure smooth functioning of the system, (b) Adhere to community standards of decency,  and (c) establish an ethical and legitimate operating environment.  These policies, now in effect, relate to:

1) SCREENING: The Naples Free‑Net does not screen the information posted on the NFN facility.

2) ILLEGAL ACTIVITY: The NFN system may not be used for any illegal activity. Placement of any text, data, graphics, messages, communications, or other material into the system which is related to any illegal activity is expressly prohibited. Users found using the NFN for illegal activity will be reported to the appropriated authority. 

3) ADVERTISING: NFN users may not use the system for any commercial advertising.

4)  OBSCENITY, SLANDER, HATE MESSAGES OR VIOLENCE: The Naples Free‑Net has no control over material accessible outside the NFN facility. Information or graphics deemed by the Naples Free-Net Board of Directors to violate acceptable community standards may be removed by the System Administrator from the NFN facility.

NFN users may not post any item on the NFN facility which would be deemed obscene under Florida Law.


1) Personal Home Pages must not violate the constraints listed under user policy, section 8. (added December, 1995)

2) Any Hot links from a personal Home Page residing on the Naples Free‑Net server must not violate the constraints listed under user policy, section 8, ss B,D. (added December, 1995)

Slanderous material (publication causing injury to a person’s reputation, exposing them to public hatred, contempt, shame or disgrace) may not be posted on the Naples Free‑Net.

The Naples Free‑Net may not be used for hate messages or to incite or advocate violence.

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