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The following constitute the operating policies of the Naples Free-Net,
a non-profit corporation formed according to law in the State Florida.

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 3.    Information Providers

A.  GENERAL:  Information Providers (IPs) are institutions, organizations, commercial enterprises, governments and individuals which have agreed to make information available to NFN users through the Free‑Net.  This information may be on the NFN facility or located on a remote Information Provider (RIP’s) facility.

B. TYPES OF INFORMATION PROVIDERS:  There are two types of Information Providers, non‑profit and commercial.  Prospective NFN Information Providers, may execute a Letter of Understanding with the Naples Free‑Net. A copy of the Letter of Understanding is provided in Appendix A.

C. ADVERTISING:  The Naples Free‑Net operates as a non‑profit organization and it does not actively promote the sale of any product or service.  Hot links from Information Providers may not point to other online services if those services are for personal gain or profit of the Information Providers.  (Added: November, 1995)

The NFN may connect to RIPs, who are responsible for the contents of their own facilities. Commercial RIPs may include advertising.

NFN may carry limited commercial messages or announcements of an institutional type which indicate the type of product or service offered, the name and/or logo of its supplier and the e‑mail or other contact address at which further information may be obtained.

The Naples Free‑Net has no control over commercial or other material accessed through the Internet.  NFN IPs may post their information on the Free‑Net’s server, except that advertising is not allowed to reside on the NFN. Non‑Profit organizations, however, may advertise goods and services that advance their mission of community service.  The Naples Free‑Net may request proof of non‑profit status, such as a 501(c)3 designation, state of Florida non‑profit designation status or other documentation. (Added: November, 1995)

All IPs must adhere to NFN advertising policies.

IPs may use logos and slogans which are limited to information necessary to access its services or products.server.  In order to maintain the emphasis on the Information, the Information Provider’s credits must come at the end of the page and logos can not be more than 5625 pixels. (Added: November 1995)

D.  POLITICAL INFORMATION:  The Naples Free‑Net anticipates that matters relating to democratic processes will be part of its regular information flow.  Forums dealing with opinions on issues affecting the community will be welcome, but partisan political campaigning is limited to its designated Information Center.

E.  INFORMATION COPYRIGHTS:  Copyrighted information may not be posted on the Free‑Net without the written permission of the copyright holder.

F.  APPEALS:  At times, there is a fine line between an acceptable commercial announcement and an overtly promotional message.  A Commercial IP may wish to clear their proposed copy with their Center Director before finalizing their messages if they are unsure.

In the event of rejection, appeal may be made to the Head, Information Provider Committee and further to the NFN Board of Directors, if necessary.

The  Naples Free‑Net reserves final judgment as to acceptability of an advertisement

G. IDENTIFICATION OF SOURCES:  Those contributing information to the Free‑Net should always identify themselves in their message. (Added: November 28, 1995)



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