Naples Free-Net Policies
The following constitute the operating policies of the Naples Free-Net,
a non-profit corporation formed according to law in the State Florida.

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How to sponsor the Naples Free-Net?

The Naples Free-Net is based solely on partnerships between business and not-for-profits. Therefore it depends primarily on individual and commercial donations of both money and services to fund startup and continuing operations as well as to maintain its fiscal self-sufficiency.

All donations are welcome.Donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by the law. Access to the Free-Net, however, is not contingent upon donations.

There are several classes of donors and recognition and certain NFN services are available to donors at each level. Please note that Naples Free-Net services cannot be guaranteed at all times, however, due to external factors and volume of usage. Donors may decline recognition or services.


This refers to donors who contribute a minimum of $6,000 a year.

In recognition of such a level of support, a Sponsor may connect to the NFN’s server as a Remote Information Provider (RIP), if desired.Also, the Free-Net’s Donor Screen has space for Sponsor listing, if eligible Sponsors desire listing.

Sponsors who are Remote Information Providers (RIPs), that is those having their own servers who wishto connect to the Free-Net’s server, at their request, will be provided with pointers or hot links to their server from their Home Page.

NFN will register a domain name of choice for Sponsors.All Sponsors requesting domain name registration will be classified as Remote Information Providers whether or not they provide information to the community.

Non-commercial RIPs are not charged for hot links.


This refers to a donor who contributes a minimum of $3,500 annually. A Super Friend receives recognition on the Free-Net’s primary menu screen.


This class of donor contributes a minimum of $2,400annually and receives recognition on either the donor or subject screens.

Or, a Great Friend may request their own e-mail only domain name. Domain name e-mail services may not be resold or transferred.


This donor category contributes a minimum of $ 1,200 annually and may request that their logo be placed on their choice of individual subject menu screens.


This refers to donors contributing $50 or more annually and entitles the donor to request a Custom log-on ID.

In the case of Donors of $1200 or more and who wish to contribute again the next year, they have the right of first refusal to the screen where their logo is located. Confirmation of desire to continue with the NFN should be made in writing 60 days prior to contract expiration. Donor services are renewable annually on the date of contract signing. (November 01, 1995)

NFN’s mission is the creation of a community electronic bulletin board with concomitant e-mail capability for two-way communications for all users. Ultimately, access to the communications and information of the Internet and the World Wide Web will give NFN users broad national and international accesses which would otherwise not be available without charge. (November 01, 1995)

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