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WebminPlus online NFN Gateway charging of customer's credit cards:

7/30/2005 - A new procedure has been added to WebminPlus.   HelpDesk can now swipe credit cards at WS1, WS2 and WS3 and there is no longer any need to use the CC machine on the wall.  The wall CC machine will eventually be phased out.

Whenever you have a payment to be made by Credit Card, call up the member’s Webmin Account  “Details”.  In “Details” click on “New Payment” tab and click on the link in the upper left which says, “Process an Online Credit Card charge and post the payment to the (userid) account now being displayed”  The following screen will be displayed:

Initially, the member’s name will try to automatically be displayed as it appears in their Webmin Account.  Because of legacy issues, parsing of the Account name information MAY NOT always be exact.  If by chance, the card being used is in a different name than the User’s name, the name on the card should be used.  If the card is swiped the name will automatically change to the name on the card.


When the card is swiped the back of the card should be towards you with the magnetic strip on the bottom.  Look for the little card outline and arrow on the swipe device. You can swipe the card in either direction and as many times as you want, but click the orange button to clear the form and set to accept a new swipe.  A card swipe will fill in the card name, number and the Expiration date.  You must fill in the amount charged and what the payment is for (scroll down using the arrow and choose New, Renewal, etc.)  If you don’t have the credit card in hand, such as a phone renewal, you must type in all entries.  The charge amount is limited to a maximum of $200.


If voiding a transaction, check the “Void” checkbox and select the Transaction ID from the drop down list.  Only transactions that have been made during the current day will be available for voiding and this feature can only be used to correct any charge mistakes made during the current day.  The charging button will change to a yellow “Reverse a Charge”, indicating the amount entered and the selected Transaction ID is set to be voided upon clicking on the button.  Voiding of transactions older than a day will require Chuck or Floy to be contacted.


After all entries have been made, click on “Charge this Credit Card” or “Reverse a Charge” button and you will get immediate NFN Gateway confirmation that the charges have been made or have failed. When you then click “Click here to Continue” all  successful charging or voiding entries will be completed in the New Payment tab section of  the NFN User’s Webmin “Details” and you then must click “Save” to complete the transaction recording into WebminPlus daily payment listing.  If you DO NOT click the  “Save” button on the customer's "Pymts: XXXXXX" tab, the card’s credit charge, although it has been made, will not show up in the WebminPlus record and in the daily shift print out sheet.


There isn’t, of course, a regular receipt issued as with a regular Credit Card transaction, so if the party wants a receipt, print one by clicking on the dollar amount in the Payments listing section.  This will produce a detailed invoice of the payment to give to the customer.

Should you experience any unforeseen problems, please let Ron Bender or Bill Mayer know immediately.




Normal Authorization

Swipe Card Amount of Sale?

Enter $ Amt. Amt. Is Displayed

Press Enter Clerk ID?

Press Enter Printing

Manual Entry

 Press "Clear", Then press "Sale", Press "Enter"

  Enter Acc. # Manually Acc. # Displayed

  Press Enter Expiration Date?

  Enter Expiration Date MMYY

  Press Enter Amt. Of Sale?

 Enter $ Amt. Amt. Displayed

  Press Enter (twice) Dialing,

Waiting for Answer,

  • Press Clear
  • Only VIsa and Mastercards acceptable.





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