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This reference guide is designed to assist NFN Helpteam members
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Clicking around on the WebminDSL may change things incorrectly.  For example, clicking on the Active or Inactive wording will toggle change the user's Active/Inactive status, probably unintentional.  You will seldom need to click on that because the submission of an order to Nettally will automatically change the status of that user. not click on anything unless you intend to make that action happen.  Take your time, know the procedure, and read the mouseover text that explains what will happen as a result of a click BEFORE you click.  Please see the link at the bottom of the WebminDSL listing window that is a downloadable file and detailed guide that you may find useful.  What follows are simple summaries of some basic administration actions and the WebminDSL guide will provide a much more detailed step by step.



1) CLICK 1 - click on DSL number check link on WebminPlus.  Check to make sure that DSL service can be supplied to the subscriberÂ’s submitted DSL phone number.  This is VERY IMPORTANT as an order for DSL to a non serviceable phone number is doomed to fail.
2) CLICK 2 - Any subscriber that is to be added to the NFN DSL database must first be a PremiumPlus user.  In WebminPlus, select the user and make the user a PremiumPlus user.  Attempting to add a non PremiumPlus UserID to the WebminDSL database will produce a warning screen.
3) CLICK 3 - WebminDSL listing will show the link in the upper left as “Add new DSL user: xxxx .
4) CLICK 4 - Find the magnifying glass icon for this new user and click on it.
5) CLICK 5 - Find the Import number and import all the order information and then save that page.  This would be a good time to add a dated comment line in the "Comments" section detailing what you are doing.
6) CLICK 6 - At the user's payment listing page, add all the appropriate lines for a new DSL order.  This may include a payment line for Standard DSL modem deposit, Standard DSL modem shipping, Advanced modem purchase, PremiumPlus upgrade, monthly DSL service sign up prorated.
7) CLICK 7 - Click on the "Ord" link and place order to Nettally for this new DSL service.  Check the Nettally order form carefully.

8) If an Advanced modem, make sure a modem is going to be properly programmed and placed on the center office shelf for customer pickup.  IF you process the new order, YOU are responsible for seeing to it that a modem will be provided.


The short procedure for processing a Credit Card Update order.....

1) CLICK 1 -- click on the "Order" link and identify what the user name is
2) CLICK 2 -- go to the user's magnifying glass icon
3) CLICK 3 -- click on the appropriate number "Import CC from (1)"   --- if more than one and not sure simply click on the other ones to see what shows up.  Nothing is saved to this user until you click on the "Save" button.  If you ever want to get out of the user's CC page without saving, just go up in the right hand corner and click on "Make No changes/save -- Go Back to:  User Listing"
4) CLICK 4 -- if all the CC information is right (ie, info in the pink shaded area) from the importing, make small comment note in the Comments section and then click on the "SAVE" button
5) CLICK 5 -- delete the order from the order sheet.


Here is the correct procedure to handle a customer's request to change their DSL subscribe speed AND you have verified that the desired speed IS AVAILABLE to the number.

1) CLICK 1 -- Click on the user name and go to the users payment list
2) CLICK 2 -- find the blue order bar entry that is an "A" and click on it  -- a mouse over will say "Adjust level of service"
3) make sure the resultant pop up form is correct and the proper speed is selected.  If you want to make things very clear to Nettally, type something about what is wanted in the available comments section of the Nettally form.  This goes for any order form -- it never hurts to be precise and then it all becomes a matter of record to Nettally, avoiding any possible future dispute.
4) CLICK 3 -- submit the Nettally order form and make sure you get the confirm screen and close out the form result page.  If you DO NOT get the confirm screen, then the order DID NOT go through.
5) CLICK 4 -- click on the user's magnifying glass.
6) CLICK 5 -- change the user's green colored speed drop down box to the new speed.  This is very important as this is what the future billing will be keyed on.
7) CLICK 6 -- make an appropriate comment entry and then click on the SAVE button

Don't look for more complication.......There is NO need to enter a payment line......... In short....keep it simple..........unless you feel you have the wherewith all to ACCURATELY calculate a prorated speed upgrade from an already paid month at the slower speed, and enter it in the text lines........something we have not discussed.

When we unsuspend a DSL service, don't forget to make a line in the payments of the month charge for that DSL service.   Again, you DO NOT need to type anything, just do:

1) CLICK on "Add a Pymt Line" on the page that shows the specific user's monthly payments.
2) CLICK on the new line that shows up --- click where it says "Edit"  -- look for the little blinking blue marker
3) CLICK on the drop down arrow for the box "Pymt Description" and select the correct "XXX Monthly DSL Charge month" -- the payment amount will automatically show up in the "Payment Amount"
4) CLICK on the "Update Payment Data" button

That's it!!

Every time you do a new order or an unsuspend order, you have to simply ask yourself the question...What payment lines do I need to enter to make sure NFN gets paid?  If you do not enter a payment line, then you are giving the customer a free ride since NFN will be paying for the service once an order is submitted to Nettally.

1) Money is due for the month of the unsuspend action, regardless of the time left in the month -- there is no prorating.

1) Money is due for the Modem (Standard or Advanced)
2) Money is due for Standard Modem shipping
3) Money is due for sign up month (prorated)
4) Money is due for PremiumPlus upgrade (if not already done by the HelpDesk)

Obviously, once a reactivation request is submitted to Nettally, the user in our WebminDSL database becomes Active. That user is now chargeable for the DSL service by us, but if you are doing the customer reactivation after the time that the bulk charging is done (at the end of the month for the next month's charge), then this customer shows no charge item for the month in his payment list.

You do not need to do anything else.  When charging is done, the due payment will be automatically picked up.  All that is needed is to always ask yourself, does this customer need to be paying NFN for the  DSL time in service for the month that they will have DSL.  If the answer is yes, make a payment line.



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