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This reference guide is designed to assist NFN Helpteam members
understand the operational processes of the organization.

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December 5, 2003

Help desk procedures

From the task bar:

  1. Start Webmin
    1. Click the Webmin button on the task bar
    2. On the Security Alert screen click Yes
    3. Enter your user name and password, click Login
    4. Click Users and Groups


  1. Use the Webmin to ( )
    1. Find existing accounts
    2. Create new users (Standard and Premium), and
    3. Edit existing accounts (password, expire date).
  2. To Find existing accounts
    1. Click the 1st "list arrow button" to select
      1. Username or
      2. Real Name
    1. Click the 2nd "list arrow button" to select
      1. Equals (exact match)
      2. Matches (means contains)
    1. Key the search data
    2. If you get multiple results click the Username hyperlink related to your choice.
  1. To Create new users

    a. Click the Create a new user link

    b. Enter the User Name

      1. Premium ID (All lower Case maximum 10 characters)
      2. Standard ID – Click "Next Available NFN Standard ID" button
    1. Don’t change the User ID number (it is system controlled)

      (If multiple users are operating Webmin it probably is wise to "save"

      the account now before another account is created with the same User ID.)

    2. Enter the Real Name
    3. Click the "circle" in front of Normal Password
    4. Enter the users Normal password (their choice)
    5. Set the Expiry date
        1. Premium Click "One year from today"
        2. Standard Click "6-months from today"
    6. Leave Minimum days and Maximum days blank
    7. Warning days and Inactive days are set automatically to 30 and 1 respectively.
    8. Leave the rest of the settings alone.
    9. Click Create button (or the Save button if you have already created the account.)
      i. You will be automatically brought back to the "Users and Groups" with the newly created username already entered.

Note: If during the account creation process, you click Return to users and groups list or Webmin Index or Module Index the user will not be created or if you are editing the user the changes will not be stored.

Webmin (Details)

  1. You access Webmin Details by clicking on the "Details" link next to the Users Real Name.
    1. Member Info page
      1. Member Name, User ID and Expiration Date are entered for you.
      2. Enter Account type, Standard or Premium
      3. Enter Address and Telephone # (Format 239-xxx-xxxx)
      4. Enter Security Question/Answer to be used to identify member calling us by phone to discuss Security issues (Password)
    2. New Payment Tab
      1. Enter amount of payment accompanying transaction – Even if "0"
      2. Enter Type of Payment – Online, Cash, Credit Card, Refund, Check # and Credit Card Reference # (Julian Date/Transaction #) as shown on CC slip
      3. Select what payment is for – New Account, Renewal, Upgrade, Donation, Domain, Front Page, Storyboard, Merchandise or Other (Select only one)
      1. Enter any appropriate comments which will help clarify the transaction.
    4. Payment made but not connected to a particular account.

           i. Click on the link "Enter a Non NFN Account Payment"located in the upper   right of the Detail section of any account and a Special account called NFN Payment Account with the ID 000_NFN will be setup. Enter the appropriate data and save.

    5. Payments Tab

      i. All payments credited to this particular account will be shown here. (Since system started in late 2002, no earlier payments will be shown.)

    6. User Search Tab
      1. You can search for an account by Userid, Telephone or Real Name.
        1. When an active account is found it will be highlited in yellow.
        2. If a deleted account (90 days after expiration, accounts are deleted from our system.) is found. it will appear below the exisiting accounts shown
    7. All Payments Tab

      i. This contains all payments made on a given day and it defaults to "Today’s"  date.
      ii. The Helpdesk Daily Activity Report is generated from this page

       At the end of the day, this report is printed out in Landscape format, included with the days’ receipts, and placed in the safe. (Click on "Printable version of this page" at the bottom. Then click Print located at top left)

    8. Telnet Tab

i. When new accounts are established or a password is changed Telnet should be used to determine if the account is operating properly before the customer leaves the office.

i. Calls Tab

i. When both customer service lines are busy during our regular shifts the calls roll over to voice mail. The voice mail is forwarded to this location. and the calls answered by the volunteers on duty as soon as they are clear. The Helpline person on duty at home or the office, will assist those at the Helpdesk in answering the calls.


  1. To Edit Existing Accounts
    1. Find the account as described in #2
    2. To change the password
        1. Click the Normal password button
        2. Enter the new password
        3. Click the save button
    3. To unlock an account
        1. Remove the ***xxxxx*** from the pre-encrypted password, Delete and Backspace work properly
        2. Click the save button
    4. To update the expirey date (Premium Ids)
        1. Click the "1 year from expire date"
        2. Click the save button
    5. To update the expirey date (Standard Ids)
      1. Click the "6 months from expire date"
      2. Click the save button.
  1. To log out of Webmin
    1. Click the Logout link







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