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Volunteer Management Policies

July 25, 2001

1. The volunteer program

1. Definition of ‘volunteer’

A "volunteer" is anyone who without compensation or expectation of compensation performs a task at the direction of and on behalf of the Naples Free-Net.

2. Overall policy for volunteers

The achievement of the goals of Naples Free-Net is best served by the active participation of citizens of the community. To this end, the organization accepts and encourages the involvement of volunteers at all levels in the organization and within all appropriate programs and activities.

3. Purpose of the volunteer policy

The purpose of the policy is to provide overall guidance and direction to staff engaged in volunteer involvement and management efforts. The policy is intended for internal management guidance only, and does not constitute, either implicitly or explicitly, a binding contractual or personnel agreement. The Council of Chairs of Naples Free-Net reserves the right to change any aspect of the policy at any time and to expect adherence to the changed policy.

4. Scope of the volunteer involvement

Unless specifically stated, the policy applies to all volunteers in all programs and projects undertaken by or on behalf of the organization, and to all departments of the Naples Free-Net.

5. Role of the volunteer management department

The productive assignment of volunteers requires a planned and organized effort. The function of the volunteer management department is to provide a central coordinating point for effective volunteer involvement with the Naples Free-Net.

6. Service at the discretion of the Naples Free-Net

The Naples Free-Net accepts the service of all volunteers with the understanding that such service is at the sole discretion of the organization.

7. Volunteer rights and responsibilities. Volunteers are viewed as a valuable resource to this organization. Volunteers shall be extended the right to be given meaningful assignments, the right to be treated as equal co-workers, the right to effective supervision, the right to full involvement and participation, and the right to recognition for work done. In return, volunteers shall agree to actively perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

2. Volunteer management practices

1. Maintenance of records

A system of records will be maintained on each volunteer, including dates of service, positions held, areas of expertise and awards received. Individual volunteers shall be responsible for submitting all appropriate records and information to the volunteer management department in a timely and accurate fashion.

2. Two hat policy

Members of the Naples Free-Net’s board are accepted as direct service volunteers with the organization.

3. Position descriptions.
A description shall be developed for each volunteer post. This shall be a clear, complete, and current description of the duties and responsibilities of the position. Position descriptions should be reviewed and updated whenever the work involved in the position changes substantially.

3. Volunteer recruitment and selection

1. Recruitment

Volunteers shall be recruited by the Naples Free-Net on a pro-active basis, with the intent of broadening and expanding the volunteer involvement of the community. Volunteers shall be recruited without regard to gender, disability, age, race, or other condition.

2. Interviewing
Prior to being assigned to a position, all volunteers shall be interviewed by the volunteer coordinator or the prospective chairperson to ascertain their suitability for that position. The interview should determine the qualifications of the volunteer and should answer any questions that the volunteer might have about the position.

4. Volunteer training and development

1. Orientation
All volunteers shall receive a general orientation on the nature and purpose of the Naples Free-Net and requirements of the position that they are accepting.

2. On-the-job-training
Volunteers shall receive supervision and training necessary to perform their volunteer assignment. Staff who will be in a supervisory capacity shall have primary responsibility for on-the-job training to those volunteers assigned to them.

3. Conference attendance
Volunteers should attend meetings that are relevant to their volunteer assignments.

5. Volunteer supervision and evaluation

1. Requirement of a supervisor
Each volunteer who is accepted to a position with the Naples Free-Net must have a clearly identified supervisor who is responsible for direct management of that volunteer. This supervisor shall be available to the volunteer for questions and assistance.

2. Lines of communication
Volunteers are entitled to all necessary information pertinent to the performance of their work assignments. Accordingly volunteers should be included in and have access to all appropriate information, materials, and meetings relevant to the work assignments. Primary responsibility for ensuring that the volunteer receives such information will rest with the direct supervisor of the volunteer.

3. Staff responsibility for evaluation
Each member in a supervisory position may perform periodic evaluations.

4. Corrective Action
NFN team chairperson has the right to take corrective action. Examples of corrective action include the requirement for additional training and re-assignment

5. Dismissal of a volunteer
Volunteers who do not adhere to the rules and procedures of Naples Free-Net or who fail satisfactorily to perform their volunteer assignment, may be subject to dismissal. No volunteer will be terminated until the volunteer has had an opportunity to discuss the reasons for possible dismissal with supervisory staff and NFN president. In the case of a chairperson the NFN Board of Directors has the responsibility.

6. Resignation
Volunteers may resign from their volunteer service with Naples Free-Net at any time.

6. Volunteer support and recognition

1. Insurance
NFN has no insurance support. However it does encourage its volunteers to register with such organizations as the RSVP (retired senior volunteers program), which is a federal government, sponsored program. This program offers insurance and other benefits to qualifying NFN volunteers. The volunteer must find an NFN supervisor willing to sign their volunteer hour time sheets.

2. Recognition
It is the responsibility of the Board to ensure there is an annual volunteer recognition event to highlight and reward the contribution of volunteers to Naples Free-Net. Volunteers will be consulted and involved in order to develop an appropriate format for the event.

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