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Good morning or Good afternoon.
Welcome to the Naples Free-Net.
My name is XXXXX. What’s yours?
How can I help you?

 [Is this where you sign up for that free Internet service?]

Yes, you are in the right place.
Have you been a member of NFN before?
What do you know about us?

 [Not a lot]

Let me take a moment to tell you a little about us.

The Naples Free-Net is a non-profit organization registered with the IRS and the State of Florida dedicated to creating and enhancing an electronically connected community in Southwest Florida.

We have three key missions:

Because the information on the Internet has such great value to society, we provide free Internet access to individual, schools and organizations. Currently, the Naples Free-Net has registered over 20,000 people and has about 5,000 active users.

Without the knowledge to use the Internet, access has no value; therefore, the Naples Free-Net provides free and low cost training on how to use computers and the Internet. We present free seminars at the Collier County Library, and low-cost seminars in the computer lab of International College. In addition, we present free talks and seminars on Internet related topics to schools, churches, clubs, and businesses. In the past five years we have provided Internet instruction to over 6,000 people.

Finally, the Naples Free-Net provides a home-port for non-profit organizations in Collier County and the most extensive collection of information about Southwest Florida on the Internet. Our website averages 1.5 million hits per month. We will assist any interested non-profit organization interested in setting up a website. Our support includes providing low cost or free storage space for site, email services, consulting on web page design and construction, and special organizational information services.

We are supported through contributions made by our users, by major corporate sponsors, by fees collected from registrants in our classes, and from commissions on sales made through our website by several partners.

We offer two kinds of accounts: Standard ID’s and Custom ID’s

Standard IDs provide the user with a numbered account ID, email services, space for a personal home page, and dial-up access to the Internet. A standard ID is provided to users who contribute amounts between zero and $59. Standard IDs are issued for  a period of 6 months and must be renewed at the end of that period.  After expiration and is not renewed within 90 days, the account is deleted from our system and can no longer be used or renewed.

Premium accounts are the Free-Net’s way of recognizing and thanking our “sustaining members.” They are given to users who agree to contribute at least $60 each year. A Premium account is valid for 1 year and is renewable for a contribution of at least $60.

The Premium Account provides the following:

Custom I.D., Webmail, Spam Filter, User Friendly E-mail Forwarding and Use of NFN's Photo Album.

Which kind of account do you want?

Here is an application form.

To qualify for membership, we need you to provide us with this basic information. We also need to verify your identity with a valid photo ID. We copy this onto your registration form. This allows us to check the identity of anyone seeking to make changes to your account.

On the back of the application form is our user agreement. Key parts of this agreement are:

1.      You agree to limit your use to four hours total a day.

2.      You understand that NFN will not provide information to others about your account, but may provide information to duly authorized law enforcement personnel. Our system administrator also has the right, upon written complaint, to monitor email and expunge inappropriate, offensive or illegal email from our system.

4.      The NFN system is not to be abused. Our system administrator may withdraw logon IDs of abusers immediately, documenting the reason.

5.      NFN has the right to limit your disk space (usually this limit is 20 MB).

6.      NFN can not be used to post any item which would be deemed obscene under Florida Law.

7.      Slanderous material (publication causing injury to a person’s reputation exposing them to public hatred, contempt, shame, or disgrace) may not be posted on NFN.

8.      NFN does not warrant the functions of the system will meet any specific requirements or that it will operate uninterrupted without error.

9.      NFN shall nolt be liable for any damages, whether direct, indirect, incidental or consequential (including lost data, information, or lost profits or income) sustained or incurred in connection with the use of the system, the operation of the system, or the inability to use the system.

Do you have any questions about the NFN user agreement? Please sign here to indicate your understanding and consent.

[After completing the registration]

Present the new user with a copy of  "Using the Naples Free-Net" along with an installation disk.  Also include a Home Page Flyer and a pamphlet explaining Naples Free-Net.

Thank you for joining NFN.


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