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NFN Help Desk Orientation Check List for:_________________________________________________

Welcome and Orientation by Help Desk Team Chairperson:____________________________

Date: Chair: Orientation Item:

_____ _____ Meet with one of the help team cochairs to explore interests, skills, knowledge, and availability.

_____ _____ Give the person a copy of the current NFN Policies and Help Desk Procedures. Ask the person to read them carefully and be prepared to answer a few questions when they report for their first assignment.

_____ _____ Give the person a regular time assignment on the Help Desk.

_____ _____ Also assign one existing Help Team Member (most likely the one from that same shift) to act as the new recruit’s coach.

Coach’s Name:________________________________________

Coach’s Email:________________________________________

Coach’s Phone:________________________________________

It is the coach’s responsibility to walk the new recruit through all NFN Help Team Standard Procedures. (Use this check list as a guide and a record of items covered).

Key Standard Procedures:

Date: Coach: Orientation Item:

Help Desk Shifts

_____ _____ Shift times:

Monday thru Saturday 9:30 - 1:00; 1:00 - 4:30 Thursday Evenings 5:30-7:30

Initial Shift Assignment:_______________________________________

_____ _____ The Web PageHelp Desk Weekly Schedule and Help Team News at:

_____ _____ What to do if you can’t be there

First, see if you can swap shifts with someone else, if so, notify Help Desk Schedule Captain (

If you can’t find someone to swap with, send an email to Help Desk Schedule Captain ( to inform the captain of your inability to take the shift. When ever possible one week’s advance notice is preferred in order to give the scheduling captain time to arrange for a substitute.

The equipment in the NFN Office

On the first shift give the new volunteer a brief orientation tour of the office.

_____ _____ What each major item is and what it does:

Cisco Router


Telephone patch panel

Power backups

TI Line

_____ _____ Emergency Procedures

_____ _____ The Office computers

Control Consoles for Gator and Swamp

NFN Windows98 Machine with Quicken Financial Files and NFN User Data Base

NFNWindows98 Machine on line with T1


PC Painter 4


_____ _____ The credit card machine

Swiping a credit card

Entering a purchase

Recording Purchase method and type of credit card on registration sheet

Treat Credit Card receipt like money - place in cash box

_____ _____ Manual credit card sales

Filling in credit card slip

Imprinting Card

Recording purchase method and type of credit card on registration

Getting authorization

Treat credit card receipt like money - place in cash box

The New User Registration Form and Process - Including the importance of proper documentation

_____ _____ Talk with the new user to find out about their interest.

Explain NFN, our mission, how we are funded

Explain the two kinds of accounts:

NFN numbered account: free, donation requested for disks, cancelled out if not used for 90 days

NFN custom account: minimum donation of $50, great low cost way to support NFN, using person’s name, nickname, handle, etc. makes it easy for people to remember their email address, account good for a year regardless of use.

"Sell" our premiums: Classes, Custom IDs, Mouse Pads, Scanned Pictures, Other Scanning Projects, Presentation Projector, Special Events, etc.

Benefits of a Custom ID:

Determine the type of account the new user wants, any premiums they want to purchase, and/or the amount they will donate. (Don’t be afraid to ask for money, but do it nicely).

_____ _____ Recording and filing the documentation

Give the person the appropriate registration form to fill out.

Make a photo copy of the person’s photo ID. (Note the copy machine in the IC Library has a control panel on the left front edge of the machine. Lift the door and press the Photo button to make a clear copy of a photo.

Have the person read and sign the NFN User Agreement (Back of Registration Form). They can do this as you type in their registration information.

_____ _____ Procedure for numbered account registrations:

Use "finger" to check that the person is not already on NFN

finger John -m_nfnXXXXX

The above only checks for the name or the account number

Register person signing on using "guest" "guest" (This records all the user identification information and gives you their numbered nfn account.)

    To immediately validate user, call a help team person with sudo privledges and have them run a to assign a password. When you call have the person’s new nfn account number ready.

_____ _____ Procedure for custom account registrations:

Have the person fill out the custom ID registration form, choosing their custom ID and password, reading and signing the NFN user agreement form.

Use "finger" to check that the person is not already on NFN

finger John -m_customID

The above only checks for the user name or the custom account name

To immediately register the custom user, call a help team member with sudo privledges and have them run adduser to register the person.

If the user was previously registered and has an nfn numbered account they are releasing, send an email to mike maggi at: with the released account number.

_____ _____ Explain why we ask for a Photo ID

To ensure security of a person’s account when someone comes to the help desk with a request for an account change - we check the photo ID and match it to the one in our files.

_____ _____ How to record and handle donations

Break down the amount that is contributed.

Usually the first $5 is for Registration, the next $5 is for disks, the remainder can be specified (for example, for the modem fund, for technical advice, etc.)

Note on the registration form the breakdown, the overall total, and how the payment was made. If it was made by check, include the check number.

Give the person the appropriate software and software instructions. Briefly explain the process for loading it on their computer. Also explain the importance of logging off once they are finished retrieving their mail or browsing.

Give the new user a copy of the NFN class schedule, The general information brochure about NFN, and Any other current fliers or notices for users. Ask if they have any questions. Thank them for choosing the NFN.

_____ _____ Handling the completed registraion forms

The NFN filing system

_____ _____ NFN files arranged by nfnaccount

When and how to file completed registration forms

Responding to special requests

_____ _____ Registering a Non Profit organization

Free accounts for non profit organizations are numbered nfn accounts

The person who will act as the "responsible party" should be the person who signs the organization up.

Record the identification information for both the organization and for the responsible party (name, address, phone).

_____ _____ Requests to register over the phone

Thank the person for their interest. Explain our security procedures require they appear in person with a photo ID in order to make sure no unauthorized people use their account in the future.

Explain they can begin the registration process and use the internet briefly by logging on as "guest" "guest."

Explain the two kinds of accounts and the other items for purchase.

_____ _____ Validation of "guest" - "guest" registrations

Follow normal procedure for numbered account registration. Make a photo copy of user’s ID.

Have a help team member with sudo privledges run

_____ _____ Disabled Users. Once you determine the user’s account is disabled (for abuses like spamming, abuse of the system) explain that the user’s account has been disabled by the system administrator.

The user must contact the system administrator ( to arrange for restoration of service.

When you have finished with the person, send the system administrator and email with user’s name and the date and time they were at the help desk along with any other comments or explanations you feel are needed or justified.

_____ _____ Other requests:

Unusual requests should be referred to one of the help desk co-chairs or to the NFN executive director.

_____ _____ Review each of the NFN Setup procedures including a summary of typical problems and how we tell users to address them.

Windows 3.1 Setup - Now Unsupported

Windows 95 Setup

Windows 98 Setup

Windows 2000 Setup

Windows ME Setup

Macintosh Setup

Use NFN Mac Software Disk I for Mac OS 7.0 or earlier (or if system is unknown)

Use NFN Mac Fotward Disk II for Mac OS 7.1 thru Mac OS 7.5

Use NFN Mac Software Disk IIIA and Disk IIIB for Mac OS 7.5.5 and Mac OS 8.0

Orientation to On-line registration.


_____ _____ Review the importance of security and what can and has happened when security is breached.

_____ _____ Instruction on standard UNIX commands

_____ Obtain list of frequent UNIX commands

(some practice tasks)

_____ _____ Study a registration procedures (sudo).

_____ _____ Walk through each procedure.

_____ _____ Complete each procedure once while being supervised

_____ _____ Review all registration procedures thoroughly.

_____ Registering a New User - Numbered Account

_____ Validating a User who has an nfnID ("guest" - "guest" registrations)

_____ Running Check Shell

_____ Changing a Password

_____ Registering a New Custom ID

_____ Renewing a Custom ID for another year

_____ _____ Test for correct approach on each procedure.

_____ Registering a New User - Numbered Account

_____ Validating a User who has an nfnID ("guest" - "guest" registrations)

_____ Running Check Shell

_____ Changing a Password

_____ Registering a New Custom ID

_____ Renewing a Custom ID for another year


Standard Office Procedures


The Help Team Pending Mail Box

Passing down information and work from one shift to the next

The disk duplicator

_____ _____ The importance of being careful when making copies of disks.

_____ _____ What to do with returned or donated disks

How to take help line phone calls

_____ _____ General telephone procedures

NFN Help Line

IC Internal Extension

_____ _____ What to tell someone if you do not know the answer to a question or problem. What to do to ensure some other help team member follows up with the person.

_____ _____ How to respond to an angry user

_____ _____ Bigger Problems

Securing the Help Desk Office and Safe when closing



NFN mentor recommendation:

I certify I have reviewed the items on the checklist above with the help desk volunteer named at the top of the form.

I recommend this person to Help Team Chair as being ready to work independently on the help desk .


Help Team Coach: ________________________________________ Date: _________________________________________

Reviewed and Approved Help Team Chairperson: ___________________________________ Date:______________________

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