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The Naples Free-Net

NFN is Collier County’s community based, volunteer organization providing free public access to the Internet and World Wide Web. Some included resources are local activities, community information, government and business information and links to global information on the World Wide Web.

Our vision is that of Naples and Collier County as an electronically connected community with full access to the resources available through the world wide web.

What does NFN do?


We teach residents how to use the Internet. The NFN volunteers offer a strong education program. Their courses on logging on and searching the Internet are offered free, while other courses such as the creation of web sites are seen as fundraisers for which NFN charges a reasonable price. Experienced NFN volunteers teach all courses.


We provide Collier County residents free access to the Internet. The NFN Technical Team of volunteers supports the technical needs of the system. They not only maintain the hardware and software needs of the Free-Net equipment, but also plan for the future to ensure fast, efficient, and free public access through local phones and our own T1 leased line. The NFN provides and ensures access to the information contained on its web site and beyond.


We provide users with current information. Coordinated by the NFN Web Master, Birgit Pauli-Haack, the Center Directors team of volunteers creates the web-based resources we offer to the world and provides free web sites and web development for qualifying organizations

NFN Board of Directors

This body oversees the NFN strategic position in the community, ensures that the organization adapts to new technologies, and ensures sufficient financial resources.

How does NFN Work?

Participation starts by registering with the Naples Free-Net. To use the NFN local phone number and to receive and send e-mail a resident must be a registered user. Residents visit the NFN office, located at 5035 E. Tamiami Trail, and talk with the help desk volunteers to register and get the NFN software that allows them to easily dial in.

Once signed up for an account, users simply dial in by modem using the NFN data access line phone number, enter their Standard ID number or Premium ID along with their password to log on. They are then connected to the Naples Free-Net and have access to all that it offers as well as the wealth of information contained on the World Wide Web. They can search the NFN pages for current information regarding county or city government, local non-profit organizations, clubs, local services and more - or venture out on the Internet at no charge. In addition, registered users have free space provided to them to house their own personal home pages.

The phone lines, modems and leased Internet lines that NFN uses are all funded by private individual donations and corporate support. We do have a modem/equipment fund to which people can donate.

How can a group post their information on NFN?

To place a club or organization’s information on the Naples Free-Net does not require registration. We welcome quality content for any of the subject areas relating to community information. Please contact the information provider center online at for more information and instructions: NFN does have policies restricting certain types of information being placed on our site.

Many organizations prefer to set up and manage their own web site. For these organizations NFN provides special help. This includes special prices for domain name hosting, instruction on how to create and maintain a web site, assistance in designing and developing the web site, and special programming assistance with web site components. For more information contact the Chair of the Education Committee or the NFN President.

How can it be free?

NFN is free to users, because NFN uses volunteers and seeks donations from individuals and corporate sponsors in order to pay our bills.

Technically all our accounts are free. We give the individual a Standard account in thanks for a contribution between zero and sixty dollars. We give Premium accounts in thanks for contributions of sixty or more dollars.

Individuals and organizations can help NFN by supporting our generous sponsors.

(Revised 11/10/03)

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