NFN StoryBoard => WordPress through NFN4Good
NFN StoryBoard => WordPress through NFN4Good
NFN Webpage Storyboard Application
The NFN Storyboard Wizard will be discontinued.
We are now offering Wordpress for nonprofits.
For more information on all the changes, please go to NFN4Good.
For organizations actively using Storyboard, please check for
Transition Workshops in the upcoming weeks
a page to

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The Magic of It All  
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StoryBoard Syllabus  
StoryBoard Tips  
Users' Web Sites  
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StoryBoard Tips 
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The Webpage StoryBoard application ColdFusion source code is protected by the copyright laws of the United States and other countries. Copyright © 2001, Ronald G. Bender. All rights reserved.

When you administer/construct a Naples Free-Net site using the Webpage StoryBoard Program, you agree to the following terms of use:

  • You may freely use this application to create web site pages only located on NFN servers.
  • You may may not charge for such use.
  • You must allow the copyright notice to appear at the bottom of your site pages.
  • Your site pages must conform to NFN standards of acceptability.
  • Only NFN holds unlimited rights to use and modify this application on its servers.

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The NFN Webpage Storyboard Application uses
Macromedia's ColdFusion Server Technology.

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