NFN StoryBoard => WordPress through NFN4Good
NFN StoryBoard => WordPress through NFN4Good
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The NFN Storyboard Wizard will be discontinued.
We are now offering Wordpress for nonprofits.
For more information on all the changes, please go to NFN4Good.
For organizations actively using Storyboard, please check for
Transition Workshops in the upcoming weeks
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Did you know that you can open a second browser window in IE, highlight any of that page with your mouse and drag it over and drop it in the Storyboard edit window?  PRESTO -- the page is exactly (almost) there!  The only thing that might be off are the links that IF (and only IF) they were relative in the original page.  They would have to be made absolute in the Storyboard page -- but that is an easy right click of the image and correct the image property's path. 

You can do this process with another web site or a document that you might have on your local system.  Think of it.... you have a document in MS Word that you want to get on a web page....... it's as simple as cutting and pasting the document over into the StoryBoard's WYSIWYG window and you instantly have a webpage on line with that information showing -- complete with most formatting preserved.

The following was a simple cut and paste from the NFN Home Page, About NFN section:

NFN is Collier County’s community based, volunteer organization providing free public access to the Internet and World Wide Web. Some included resources are localactivities, community information, government and business information and links to global information on the World Wide Web.

Our vision is that of Naples and Collier County as an electronically connected community with full access to the resources available through the world wide web.

What does NFN do?

  • Education
    We teach residents how to use the Internet. The NFN volunteers offer a strong education program. Their courses on logging on and searching the Internet are offeredfree, while other courses such as the creation of web sites are seen as fundraisers for which NFN charges a reasonable price. Experienced NFN volunteers teach allcourses.

  • Access
    We provide Collier County residents free access to the Internet. The NFN Technical Team of volunteers supports the technical needs of the system. They not onlymaintain the hardware and software needs of the Free-Net equipment, but also plan for the future to ensure fast, efficient, and free public access through local phonesand our own T1 leased line. The NFN provides and ensures access to the information contained on its web site and beyond.

  • Content
    We provide users with current information. Coordinated by the NFN Web Master, Bill Coakley, the web team of volunteers creates the web-based resources we offer to the world and helps qualifying organizations to create their web sites


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