NFN StoryBoard => WordPress through NFN4Good
NFN StoryBoard => WordPress through NFN4Good
NFN Webpage Storyboard Application
The NFN Storyboard Wizard will be discontinued.
We are now offering Wordpress for nonprofits.
For more information on all the changes, please go to NFN4Good.
For organizations actively using Storyboard, please check for
Transition Workshops in the upcoming weeks
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NFN via ColdFusion...

The Magic Of It All

All of this is accomplished through the magic of ColdFusion, a revolutionary approach to server side web page programming.  Although complex 'under the hood', the user of this application sees none of this complexity in the StoryBoard administration operation. ColdFusion takes elements entered into a database through the NFN Webpage StoryBoard application and then outputs that data in a properly formatted syntax that WWW web browsers understand.  Almost all aspects of a web page can be controlled by simple 'fill in the blanks' or typing text. Many program optional settings have a default value that lends the production of a simple web page extremely fast and easy, yet still allows more sophisticated pages to be constructed.  NFN Webpage StoryBoard advanced features include the following:

    • Easy site administration from any Internet connection (Basic or Advanced Mode)
    • Full "team" web site control and administration capability 
    • Full Administration control.  Only software needed is a web browser (IE recommended for editing ease, although any browser can be used)
    • Unlimited number of pages possible 
    • Each web page has site navigation menu automatically built
    • Complete page text formatting control when using IE to administer
    • Drag and drop WYSIWYG editing window (with IE browser use)
    • Full WYSIWYG spellcheck capability (with an IE plugin download)
    • Microsoft Office/et al  integration.  Cut and paste import into a web page from Microsoft Word, Excel, etc and preserve most formatting (with IE browser use)
    • "Basic" and "Advanced" Preview Modes enhance/simplify administration use.  Fast page update possible through use of 'direct to page' editing administration  
    • Manage all site graphics with the 'Gallery Manager' -- easy upload/deletion -- features selectable real time upload picture size resampling to control graphics sizing, eliminating the need for photo editing skills 
    • Quick View pictures and page color admin pop ups
    • Built in total site Keyword Search capability
    • Built in link for each page to be Language Translated 
    • Built in Password Page Protection of selected site page(s)
    • Built in Contact List management (actual email addresses hidden)
    • Built in Calendar Display with full admin management
    • Built in Guest Book with full admin management
    • Built in Chat Room
    • Built in Blog
    • Built in E Commerce Store and SSL with full admin management
    • Built in Email Notification (List Mail Management - subscribe/remove) 
    • Easily Add Audio to any site page (wave or midi files)
    • Easily incorporate Adobe PDF files into your site
    • Settings for automatic expiration of out-of-date site pages
    • Dynamically "Include" another site page within your site page (your site page always changes to automatically reflect any changes in the "Included" page) 
    • Quick View addition and sizing of Tables 

If Internet Explorer 4 , 5 , or 6 is used to edit the site page(s), a WYSIWYG editing window for each page body section will appear making for an easy drag and drop of all page elements with the right click functionality of many page editing functions.  Use of MS Internet Explorer is highly recommended for enhanced administration purposes.

Here is an example of an adobe pdf file that was uploaded.  Simply click on the file name and a PDF pop up window will display the document.

easy_webpage.pdf  or Easy WebPage

Be aware that the page visitor's browser must have the capability to see PDF files.

If you are viewing this page at its home location, did you notice music when this page opened?  Music files are treated just like pictures in that administrators can insert a music file into any StoryBoard page and set the audio playing loop times so that it is played automatically when the page is accessed.   See the orange section of the Body Edit page (Advanced view only) for an easy insertion of your uploaded Wav or Mid file.

Wav and Mid files can also be inserted directly into the page so as to be a hyperlinked entry.  Use the same basic procedure as for PDF file to move a linked wav or mid file so that something like the following appears:


You can then take the link and left click highlight and change the text so that it reads something else like:

One of my favorite tunes !!

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The NFN Webpage Storyboard Application uses
Macromedia's ColdFusion Server Technology.

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