NFN StoryBoard => WordPress through NFN4Good
NFN StoryBoard => WordPress through NFN4Good
NFN Webpage Storyboard Application
The NFN Storyboard Wizard will be discontinued.
We are now offering Wordpress for nonprofits.
For more information on all the changes, please go to NFN4Good.
For organizations actively using Storyboard, please check for
Transition Workshops in the upcoming weeks
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 Administrator Controls

The NFN StoryBoard Wizard simplifies Web content management by non technical authors and affords them an opportunity to participate directly in the web page content building/maintenance process.
Total site development is under the administration control of the appropriate persons.  They can quickly and easily deliver Web content.
UPDATE: The OLD NFN StoryBoard WYSIWYG Interface can not be used with Windows Vista machines because of built in Vista restrictions.  A new enhanced WYSIWYG Interface is being introduced to accommodate Windows Vista.  It is currently operational and is available by selecting the check box when logging into the Administration log in screen.   Windows XP IE users may also find the new WYSIWYG interface more convenient and may wish to use it instead of the old WYSIWYG interface.

This WYSIWYG interface upgrade has nothing to do with web visitors viewing and interacting with your site and only affects the use of the StoryBoard WYSIWYG interface for actual StoryBoard web site administration.

If you have arrived at this site,  you are probably an area Non Profit Organization looking for help in getting your information online. NFN is here to help you accomplish this. We are constantly developing tools and solutions to the problems facing Non Profits obtaining and maintaining an effective Internet presence.  While continuing to offer free the traditional methods using web space and email, the Naples Free-Net also offers premium services with a small donation.  For only a one time $60 donation your organization can use the NFN Webpage StoryBoard Wizard, complete with a half day introduction class  at an NFN computer lab.
The NFN Webpage StoryBoard is a premium service of the NFN that makes it extremely easy for a non profit organization to build and maintain a complete web site. No knowledge of HTML (the web page language) or FTP (the uploading of files to the server) is needed. No special or expensive web page making software needs to be installed on your computer.  In fact, if you know how to use a browser, then you can build an unlimited page depth web site AND keep it current with as many changes as wanted. NO special software is needed and web site work can be done from any computer that has Internet access. Multiple persons at multiple computer locations can administer the same site. Security is assured through individual owner password access to administration of the site. ........

HOW IS THIS DONE? The bulk of the technical magic is done by one of the NFN servers. In a radical departure from the old technologies, the web site pages do not exist as normal web pages, but instead are stored as a collection of database elements. By following this format, each page is constructed 'on the fly' each time a visitor comes to your site. The visitor to the web site sees no difference from normally produced web pages, since the entire process is transparent to the World Wide Web. When you want to add a new page, delete a page, or edit a page, simply point your browser to your private administration area, select the section of a page to work on and DO IT!  The produced web site changes and additions are instantly available for viewing by the web visitor.

Finally, non-technical persons can build and maintain a web site. This means your non profit organization can produce and keep up to date web information, with the work being able to be done by almost anyone within that organization, not just technically trained personnel. In fact, once site pages are constructed, changing or updating a page amounts to pointing your browser to that URL, logging in, type the changes in a WYSIWYG window, and clicking on the submit button. With only a few minutes instruction, anyone can keep your site current.  Adding or deleting a site page is as simple as a single mouse click.

Going beyond the web page basics, additional application 'plugins' , which can be turned on/off, give sophisticated functionality.  These include a Calendar, Guest Book, Chat Room, On Line Store, Email Notification (List Mail Management) and a Contact Us message form.  Samples of these 'plugins' are shown on the left menu area. These 'plugins' are available to all NFN Webpage StoryBoard users.

Interested in using this NFN utility? Explore the Menu items to the left to learn more about this NFN ColdFusion developed application and, if interested, contact NFN Education of the Naples Free-Net or participate in a free training course and find out how easy it is to get signed up and become part of the World Wide Web using the NFN WEBPAGE STORYBOARD APPLICATION....

Additional general information concerning NFN's Non Profit Organization Web Services may be found here.

.....Interested in placing an NFN counter on your web page?  Visit the NFN Counter setup pages here and learn how to place various counters like the following on your site:..

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The NFN Webpage Storyboard Application uses
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