Member Account Services

Member Account Services   (All Members)
Upgrade or Renew your account and Edit your personal account information by going to this link also available from the NFN Home Page .

Manage Your NFN Email Services (All Members)
Manage all your NFN Email Services, including SpamFilter, Forwarding, Multiple Email Accounts, and NFN Announcement/Alerts Subscription.

NFN Web Accelerator (*Premium service)
Install the NFN Web Accelerator and increase your dial in web browsing speed up to 5 times.

WebMail   (*Premium service)
Pick up your e-mail from any Internet connection in the world. Delete it, answer it, or create a new message. What a convenience!

SpamFilter Activation/Setup (*Premium service)
Eliminate 98% of the unwanted mail you receive. Just think, no more junk mail!

Email Forwarding Activation/Setup (All Members)
Have your email forwarded to another location or locations while youÂ’re away just by typing in the email address. So simple anyone can do it!

Multiple Email Addresses Setup (*Premium service)
Setup and manage up to 5 extra email addresses!


Account  Expiration Date and Web / Email Space Usage Check (All Members)
Check actual expiration date of your NFN Account OR see your account's web or email space utilization on NFN servers.

Change Your NFN Log In Password (All Members)
A procedure for changing the login password for your NFN account.  Dial In access and Email access password will be affected by these changes.


  *Premium service-- An NFN Premium Member Account is established by a minumum donation of $60 per year. 


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