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What is the Email Notification Plugin?

The Email Notification Plugin is a tool you can activate (via Global settings) that will allow you to ‘broadcast’ an email message to all those that have signed up. So what’s so different about using this when compared to sending a simple email to a list of people in your email software address book that you have on your local system?

Simply put, the Email Notification utility allows folks to add or remove themselves from your emailings, without any upkeep or maintenance of the subscriber list by you.

This is the scenario most typical:

  1. A visitor views your ‘Email Notification’ page and submits their email address in the shown form.
  2. When you are ready to ‘broadcast’ an email message, you go to the ‘Email Notification’ page, click on the ‘adm ed’ link at the bottom of that page, log in, and type in a subject and message in the form that appears.
  3. Click on the ‘Send Message’ button and the email will go to everyone that has signed up and is on the list to receive the message.

Even though you don’t need to, as the administrator, you can change a few of the default set up options if you click on the link titled ‘Admin Options’.

  1. StoryBoard Administrator Email -- an email address for notification of any problems with the operation of your StoryBoard Mail Manager. Generally this should be your email address.
  2. Outgoing Email Web Return Address. This web address appears at the bottom of the broadcast email so that recipients know what web site to go to. It can be any web address, but generally would be set to show YOUR web address.
  3. Web Page Sign Up Page Message. This is the message that appears in the page that shows when a visitor clicks on your ‘Email Notification’ link. Typically, it is a simple message describing the mailing list sign up procedure

A few more administration links available:

  1. All Signed Up List. At any time, the administrator can see who is actually signed up. The list can be edited and an individual email can be sent.
  2. Email Archive. A list of all the broadcast emails that have been sent. This allows you to see all the past ‘broadcasts’ you have done.
  3. Update Subscription List Tool. A simple click on this will manually run a scan of all emails that have been received by this function and perform the appropriate removal or addition of email addresses to the actual list. This function is also performed automatically every time the ‘Send Email’ page is accessed. This is done to insure that every time you want to broadcast an email message, the recipient list is accurate and up to date.

One caveat to the use of the Email Notification plugin: After you activate this feature (via the Global link when in the Preview Page , advanced mode), you must notify the NFN StoryBoard that you wish to use it. The reason for this notification is that a special StoryBoard mailbox must be set up on the server.  Simply drop a note per instructions shown on the Email Notification administration page.

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