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Are you still confused with the coloring concept of web pages?

The complexity of web page coloring is inherent within the HTML design and our World Wide Web.  As Internet users, we are stuck with the web browser display behavior. 

Read on to see how to keep page colors and backgrounds straight -- the simple way.  One of the neat features of the StoryBoard application is that it makes overall site color management or change very very easy.

When you are viewing your administration Preview Page look at the upper right of the screen area.  You will find a link called 'Basic Color'.  Clicking on that will pop up a window that allows you to control all aspects of your site's coloring.  The very first thing on this pop up window is a 'Select a Color Element to Change'  drop down box.  Picking the element will change the color blocks so that they represent that element of your site.  Then clicking on a little color block square will change that element of your page to exactly that color.

But one of the most important pieces of information is the area to the left of the color block area.  It is a 1,2,3 listing of the LAYERS of colors within your site.  Think of it as layers of clothing.  the top layer (the number 1 area) covers up the number 2 area which in turn covers up the number 3 area.   Each one of the page element names within each layer will be shown in this numbered listing highlighted in your site's current color choices.   For example, what happens if one makes the Header Color (in area number 1) red and the Site Background Color (in area 3) green?  What color would the browser display IN THE HEADER AREA of your site?  It would display red since it is above the green in layer display.  Essentially the red would cover over the green.  Likewise, if you have a Background Picture selected (in number 2 layer) and have selected a color in number 1 layer, then that area of the site page would never show the Background Picture.

OK, you made your initial color choices, but don't like the way your site looks.  Below the color block area is another set of links that allows you to remove any coloring from any section of the page site, as well as a total removal of all colors/background pictures.  Essentially it makes the selected page element color 'transparent' so that any element's color below it in layer order will be seen.

Take a few minutes and experiment with the coloring scheme for your site.  However, always keep in mind the 'readability' of your site for your Internet browser visitors.  Garish colors often will distract from your site's message.  Generally, subdued colors and high contrast text will produce the best results.

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