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A few new features have been added to the Administration of the NFN Webpage StoryBoard.

1) You now can change your Administration log in password anytime you wish.  Simply go to the Administration Manager Page and find the Change Password 'Do It' button.  If you administer several StoryBoards, they can individually be selected.

2) In the Basic mode, the area above the WYSIWYG window box is less cluttered.

3) The WYSIWYG editing window now has a left menu bar showing all your editable site pages.  Selecting a page will bring that page up in the WYSIWYG window.  By showing the left Menu Bar items, a better feel for the layout of your resultant pages is apparent.  Very long Menu Bar items have a tendency to push your page text to the right of a live viewer screen, hence long page names will be truncated in the WYSIWYG view and that will be obvious now.  However, after you make changes in a particular  page, be sure to save the page by clicking on the 'Insert Body Data' button at the bottom or the page OR click on the small page Icon to the right of the blinking arrow.  You can use the "Hide Menu" and "Show Menu" linking to not display or display the WYSIWYG menu.

4) At the bottom of the WYSIWYG window area is a selection group called:

Screen size: 640X480   800X600   1024X768   1280X1024

You can adjust the WYSIWYG window to better fit larger viewing screens.  Once a selection is made, all subsequent views of the WYSIWYG window will be shown in the selected size.

Also there is a link to change the Body Edit page (which includes the WYSIWYG box) from Basic view to Advanced view, and vice versa:

Change to: ADVANCED

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