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Ever wish you could save the actual HTML code of your StoryBoard web pages to your hard disk?  Actually, it is quite easy.

1) Pull up within your browser the page you want to save.

2) View the source of the page by: 
  a) using Internet Explorer:  right click on the page and select View Source 
  b) using Netscape : right click on the page and select View Frame Source 
  c) There may be slight variations of the above for other browser brands and versions.

3) In the resultant window, save the file as an htm type file.

With the above steps you will have the HTML source code for your constructed page.  Pictures, of course, will not be saved as they are treated as separate files just like in all web pages.  If you don't have your uploaded StoryBoard pictures, you can save them directly from the live displayed web page by right clicking on them and doing a 'Save Picture As'.

It is a simple matter to then view your pages off line by simply double clicking on the saved htm file.

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