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At the bottom of every StoryBoard live page is a statement:

this page viewed 'a number' times and was developed/maintained using

NFN's Webpage Storyboard Application

This is an accurate count of the number of views of a particular web page. Every visit to the page will increment this number by one.

At the top of the Basic and Advanced View WYSIWYG window is a link titled 'Page Hit Chart' that will dynamically show the page hit count number for every page on your site. Click on that link and a bar graph will be generated to show each page's number of hits. Use this as a handy summary tool to tell what pages are being most visited by your web audience.

One feature of the individual page hit counter that is available to the administrator is the adjustment of the actual number displayed. Sometimes it is convenient to set a particular page (or all pages) hit count back to zero. To do this, simply enter the "Preview Page" of the page you wish to adjust and, making sure the "Preview Page" is in ADVANCED mode, select the right border, "Body Section" link that will take you to the ADVANCED WYSIWYG page. Near the top of the page will be a box labeled 'hits' with the particular page's hit count number. You may change this number to any number you wish. Counting will then begin at the selected number. Also, there is a checkbox right below the hit number box which says "Set All Page Hit Counts to Above Value". Checking this box will force ALL the StoryBoard's web pages to take on the entered number for their displayed hit count.

Don’t forget, after making the above changes, that you click on the "Insert Body Data" button near the bottom of the WYSIWYG page.

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this page viewed 5,266 times and was developed/maintained using
NFN's Webpage Storyboard Application

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