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Cut and Paste problem description:
Some StoryBoard Users have experienced a problem cutting and pasting. This seems to be mostly confined to StoryBoard Users who are cutting from MS Word 2000 or later and then pasting into the StoryBoard WYSIWYG window.

The reason for the problem:
Microsoft Word (especially the more recent versions) insert a lot of non HTML tags (Word scripting control tags) into the document. Word uses these strange looking tags to control various features. However, they wreak havoc on the WYSIWYG window, by causing strange font control problems, layout control problems, etc. Take note that these MS Word scripting tags are NOT HTML compatible and are not meant to be in a Web Page no matter what method is used to generate the Web pages.

The fix:
The easiest way to get around all of this is to use a two step cut and paste. It’s really quite simple. Cut the Word document and then paste it into a simple word processor like, Microsoft WordPad or NotePad. Then cut it from there and paste into the WYSIWYG window. This process strips out all of the Microsoft Word specific tags. WordPad will preserve more of the original document layout and formatting than NotePad.

A side benefit of all of this is a more compact page. Without the abundance of unprintable web page tags put in by Microsoft Word, the page has less characters and, hence, is smaller in file size.

Microsoft Word 2000 and 2002 are the worst offenders. Microsoft Word 97 does not seem to cause nearly the degree of problems. Microsoft even acknowledges the problem with the introduction of a ‘filter’ :

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