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A new feature has been introduced to the NFN StoryBoard Application:

You can now make your left menu contain a graphic instead of text. This allows incorporation of buttons to your StoryBoard site.

Click HERE to see this site's left menu displaying buttons instead of text.

To take advantage of this feature:

1) Create your buttons with any graphics program. Generally speaking you will not want extremely large display size buttons, but you are not limited in what you can place as a graphic in the menu area.

2) Upload the graphic file jpg or gif into your gallery directory just like any other graphic file.

3) In the Body Edit (WYSIWYG) page, from the drop down selection immediately below the StoryBoard Page Name text box, select the correct button graphic.  This selection box is titled: "Selected Menu Buttons/Pictures".

NOTE: Any StoryBoard Page Name will be replaced automatically with the selected graphic.  If you select "None" in the Menu Buttons/Pictures drop down box, then the any text in the Page Name Box will be used.  In short, some of your StoryBoard menu items can use text and some can use graphics -- your choice!

4) Save the page by either clicking on the page icon (next to blinking menu arrow) or the 'Insert Body Data' button at the bottom of the body edit page

You can use almost any graphic program to make your buttons, but a simple and effective tool is available here.  One especially nice feature of this program is it can batch make buttons, thereby making all the buttons for your site in one easy step.StoryBoard Fun

The use of graphics within the left menu area opens up ways to express your individual site design ideas -- for example, with the 'Make thumbnail' tool, one could make thumbnails of a series of pictures.  Then go through the above procedure and make the thumbnail picture the left menu graphic button with the actual size picture placed on the page along with any text. 

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