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Using hyperlinked pictures and text is a great way to make your site more visitor responsive.  As a quick review, here are the steps to make a page element hyperlinked (assuming you are using Internet Explorer browser for StoryBoard administration purposes -- highly recommended):

1) Highlight the text or picture you want hyperlinked. 
For pictures, left click on any picture so that the picture corners are lit up with little squares.  For text, left click and drag over text to highlight it.
2) With the highlighting showing and THE MOUSE CURSOR OVER THE HIGHLIGHTED AREA, right click and select the menu item 'Hyperlink'
3) Select the type of hyperlink.  The default is http:// which is for a link that will be a webpage.  The other commonly used choice is 'mailto:' for hyperlinking to an email address.
4) In the URL box, type in the web address or email address.  Make sure your web address is correct, in that it has the http:// in front and, in the case of an email link, it has the mailto: in front of the email address.
4) Click OK

When you create a thumbnail, all the thumbnail hyperlinking is done automatically for you.

There is one important note to the hyperlinking process.  When it comes to deleting a picture that has been hyperlinked, it is best to right click on it and select 'Hyperlink' and DELETE the hyperlink information first and THEN delete the picture itself.  Otherwise, the hyperlink HTML tag may still be in your page with nothing associated with it since the picture would be gone.

As a side note to the hyperlinking process, when you type in the WYSIWYG window a full web address (with the http:// part) or an email address, that text you type will AUTOMATICALLY be appropriately hyperlinked by the StoryBoard web page building engine.

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