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Does a page or two on your StoryBoard Web Site need a little 'privacy'?  It's easy to make any page(s) password protected so only those that you give the password to can see the page(s).
1) In the Preview mode click on the Advanced button.
2) In the Preview mode click on the Global Link (upper right area of your viewing screen).
3) Find the yellow highlighted text that says

 "If any Site Pages to be Restricted Set Page Access Password to "

4) Enter in the box a password you want to use that will allow the web page visitor to 'unlock' the page.
5) Be sure and click on the 'Insert Global Data' button to make your site adopt the password settings.
6) Back at the Preview Page, you may click on the 'Basic' button to go back into a simpler viewing mode.
7) Select the page you want to lock so that it is showing in the Preview Mode.
8) Select the Body Section link to the far right of your screen. This will take you to the WYSIWYG view of your page.
9) Near the top of this page is a yellow highlighted area that will have "Page PW Protect: Yes   No"
10) Select "Yes" and then click on the bottom button "Insert Body Data"
11) Back at the Preview Page, you will see that your page now has a little lock symbol indicating that it is password protected in the Live view mode.  You can still edit this page as an administrator, but when seen in live view, the password will be needed.  NOTE:  Once the password is entered by a visitor, the password will not have to be entered again to view any password protected page on your site.  There is only one password for ALL protected pages on a site.  Only if the browser is closed, will the web page visitor be asked for the password again.

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