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          A book exposing the heretofore forbidden subject of religious-based conflict and its long-proposed but futile solution of tolerance!  Beyond Tolerance by Terry O. Trowbridge explains what religious-based conflict is all about, what its causes are, what its alarming costs TO ALL OF US are, and proposes a road map for its future reduction - going past the age old and universally accepted approach of tolerance.

          This unique book about a misunderstood subject is not only thought provoking and sometimes frightening, but also offers hope for future generations at a time when the world seems mired in religious-based conflict and violence -  which many pundits foresee as only increasing in this century.

          This is not a book about religion. Rather it is about one of the most vicious and enduring forms of conflict, religious-based conflict , and its terrible costs to us all. It describes how, even though most of the religious-based conflict in the world is outside its shores, the financial costs to the USA alone exceed $100 billion a year - every year , and not just because of Iraq and Afghanistan! 

          But Beyond Tolerance is not only about conflict and its dark side. Besides being a complete overview on the subject of religious-based conflict and its consequences, it also shows the logical and realistic next steps we must take to go beyond the currently-accepted solution of tolerance - and why this is so.

          Fortunately for many this is a book which, though not massive, does not need to be read straight through or at one sitting.  The chapters are distinct, providing a complete element of the overall theme; and are often better pondered over than rushed from one to the next. It is not only a complete overview of the topic of religious-based conflict in the world, but also will serve as a reference work on this most important of subjects which must certainly be of concern to all of us.

          It is a book for everyman; a book for those interested in religion or in conflict, for believers and atheists alike, for professional people and housewives, for young and old. It makes a fine birthday or holiday gift, one which will be forever treasured. Since religious based conflict affects us all, it is a book which should be read by all.

"Beyond Tolerance by Terry O.Trowbridge is an insightful treatment of a subject of vital importance. Trowbridge is right. Tolerance is not enough. We must find the seeds of our own faith in the opinions and beliefs of others. Only then will sectarian violence be healed".
--Scott C. Davis, author of The Road from Damascus: A Journey Through Syria

          Beyond Tolerance is published via a new and revolutionary process called Print on Demand.  What this means is that the book you buy will have been printed JUST FOR YOU.  It will never have been previously handled, perused or smudged by someone else.  Your copy will indeed be your own individual copy!

          Act now and get one of the most challenging and provocative books of the year. You can order either the hardback or the soft back edition online through most online bookstores or direct from the publisher, Authorhouse, by clicking on (or in the U.S. call 1-888-280-7715).  You can also order the book at your local book store (Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, etc.), and it will be specially printed and shipped within days. The hardback edition is the perfect gift of everlasting value for family and friends.

          Never before have books become so personal!  We urge you and your friends to buy this book as soon as possible, to learn why the present course we are traveling will only exacerbate an already dangerous and costly situation; and what we must do to change it.

Correction: The Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders was referred to in this book as an "Associate of the United Nations" (see Foreword and back cover).  This is incorrect.  Though they work with the UN they are an independent and separate organization, not an "associate organization".  We regret any misunderstanding caused by this error.


"Trowbridge brings his experience in conflict resolution to the fore in discussing a disturbing and growing problem.  This is not a book about religion, rather it is about conflict, and it disposes of the myth that more tolerance is the answer."

                                                               - Naples Daily News, April 18, 2004

"I began reading it (your book) yesterday and have found it very interesting and to the point.  Congratulations!"

                                                              - Professor Eugene Carroll
                                                                Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. USA

"Congratulations on writing such a thought-provoking book...It got me to thinking."

                                                             - Carl Steinhouse, Author, Wallenberg Is Here!
                                                               Naples, Florida, USA

"I've finished your book and I'm very impressed.  Interesting reading and great in-depth analysis."

                                                             - Ingrid Malhotra, Königstein, Germany

"Trowbridge has written a very important book, especially important in these times.  It will take you only a short time to read this book, and a lifetime to think it through."

                                                             - Scottish Rite Journal
                                                               (September-October, 2004 issue)

" congratulations on its publication.  President Bush joins me in sending best wishes."

                                                            - First Lady Laura Bush, The White House
                                                              Washington, D.C., USA

" An exceptionally timely work!  Carefully leading the reader step by step, but without condescension, Mr. Trowbridge explains why the "school solution" - tolerance - has not succeeded and inherently cannot succeed.  A very challenging and long-overdue book".

                                                             - Don A. Timm
                                                               Stuttgart, Germany

" The book brings us a very important and useful message."

                                                            - Professor Peter Handel
                                                              University of Missouri, St. Louis, Missouri

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