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          We are a US charitable organization, tax exempt under US laws, dedicated to the reduction of religious-based conflict throughout the world through publicizing existing conflicts, their significance to all of us, and their causes; as well as providing realistic long-term solutions.  The Center is not a religion or church; nor in any way associated with any religion or church, but a truly independent organization which believes all religions are important.  We do not seek to substitute or duplicate initiatives of religions or other organizations, but rather to compliment them.  In our analysis of religious-based conflict we place no blame on any religion or church, preferring to simply objectively relate the circumstances and situation as they evolve. 


NOW; FOR THE FIRST TIME , a book completely covering the subject of religious-based conflict and its alarming costs to us all, with specific instructions as to what we must do IMMEDIATELY to reduce it!  To learn more about this important new book, Beyond Tolerance, and how you can get it, click here .

    NOW   You can keep track of the current and growing costs of the conflict in Iraq by clicking on the "Iraq" button to the left and going down to the bottom of that page.

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Currently, there are at least 18 significant religious-based conflicts throughout the world as shown in red on the map above.  Please click on the country to the left for details.


          The history of the human race is one of conflict, brutality, violence and wars, interspersed with periods of peace, creativity and technical growth.  Today is no different.  Otherwise, why would we now have police, military, intelligence services and other such protectors?  Currently, there are at least 18 hotspots of religious-based conflict in the world - some new, some very old.  And, as we all know, religious-based conflict is itself nothing new.  Why is this so?

          From time immemorial conflicts have arisen because one did not like or agree with what another was doing or planning to do.  Or, because he wanted to change what the other was doing or the way he was living.  This scenario has been repeated millions of times in our history.  But, we haven't learned from it.  It's still happening today - all over the world.  Why?  Because we don't profit from history, though it begs us to learn.  We haven't accepted why these things happen or what we must do to change them.

          In the final analyis, history is nothing more than philosophy teaching by examples.  And here, what we are talking about is a philosophy of life and of living together on a highly populated planet.  Too many in the world are taught - either by their parents, their school, their country or by custom or religion - to hang on their differences with others.  Examples abound.  Men and women easily see differences between themselves, but with more difficulty find their similarities.  Racial problems and turbulence are based on one or both races placing too much emphasis on their differences.  Ethnic differences can bring the same result.  Different political approaches to governing where one kind of government attempts to impose its approach to governing on other states can bring a similar result.  And it is so with religions as well.  Each religion is based on the concept that it has the answer to the mystery of life and death.  And since there is only one solution to any mystery, that means that when "my religion has the answer, all other answers are wrong". Thus, a major difference.  Overemphasis of this difference, over a long period of time, will bring in too many instances conflict; and continued conflict can and often does bring violence, with its ensuing tragic results.  We see it every day. But we are no closer to solving the problem now than we were hundreds of years ago.

          The Center For Reduction of Religious-Based Conflict was formed to fill this void - to sensitize, educate the people to the terrible costs of religious-based conflict, to explain why this is so; and to offer long-term solutions currently not being exercised in the world.

          The Center does not solve this problem.  You do!  We need your help in bringing our message to the peoples of the world so that we can begin to reduce and eventually eliminate relgious-based conflict in the world..


"What we do for ourselves dies with us: what we do for others remains and is immortal."

          The Center has initiated a unique, far-reaching, long-term activity - filling, what we think, is a void in the world today.  For centuries, the world has seen a cornucopia of religous-based conflict, as yet unabated, though all religions work - to the best of their ability - to eradicate it.  Our new and unique approach is an effort fill this void heretofore left barren.  Won't you join us in our enterprise?  Are you afraid of "going too far"?


          To reduce and eventually eliminate religious-based conflict in the world by

  • first sensitizing the peoples of the world to the very real problem of religious-based conflict in the world, its causes and its costs, and 

  • second by education - particularly of the children - to a new and unique realistic, long-term approach to the problem.

          The Center publishes its annual Center Report describing the conflicts and their causes.  We also distribute various brochures and other materials as well as provide speakers for seminars and symposiums on request.

          The Center exists and functions solely through donations from people like you.  Though we do not solicit funds on this web site, voluntary contributions are welcome and tax-deductible in the United States.  For a brief description of several kinds of trusts favored by large donors, click on "Support the Center" to the leftFor information about our supporter program, contact us at the address in the "Email/Address" section to the left.

"We make a living by  what we get,

But we make a life by what we give."

- Winston Churchill


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